The 6 Best Headphones for Drummers

The 6 Best Headphones for Drummers 2023

The 6 Best Headphones for Drummers 2023

Picking out the best headphones for drummers is definitely not an easy task. The reasoning behind that is that as the drummer, you’re responsible for keeping the beat and tempo of the entire band. That’s in addition to the fact that you can’t run away from the noise, so you’ll have to deal with it in the best possible way.

That means that you need to hear the sounds generated by the rest of the band clearly and without any additions, while still managing to protect your eardrum. Therefore, you have to be quite picky when it comes to your headphones’ impedance, frequency, and comfortable fit.

We’re here to help you take your pick among the variety of options on the market. We’ve narrowed down the very best headphones for drummers, and any of them will never fail you.

At a Glance:

  1. Sony MDR7506 – Best Overall
  2. OneOdio – Best Budget
  3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Best Noise Isolation
  4. Sennheiser HD280PRO – Best Sound Balance
  5. Shure SRH440 – Best Bass
  6. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation – Best Design

The 6 Best Headphones for Drummers

Without further ado, let’s get into reviewing the 6 best headphones for drummers we have on our list and show you exactly why each one has garnered its place.

1. Sony MDR7506 – Best Overall

Sony’s place in the market is unquestionably untouchable by anyone else all over the world. Markets are always flooded with their products, which are all known for excellent performance and durability. That’s why seeing the Sony MDR7506 on top of this list is no surprise.

These headphones may seem a little bit old-fashioned in design, but that is all due to the build’s sturdiness. The 9.6 ft cord looks bulky as well, but that is due to all the reinforcement Sony has applied to it to ensure its longevity. Even the plug itself is gold plated for extra strength.

Another thing that boosts the durability of the Sony MDR7506 will have to be the fact that they’re foldable and come with a protective pouch where you can store them away from harm.

As for the sound quality, they’re quite fitted for drummers as they focus on the wideness of their frequency range while keeping an adequate bass that will not overwhelm everything else. You’ll find yourself enjoying sharp, flat sounds.

The nominal impedance of these headphones is rated ay 63 ohms, which is also perfect for drummers.

The fit of these headphones has not been neglected, either. They feature swiveling earcups, soft replaceable earpads, and an adjustable headband that clicks into your head’s right size.

As always, just like any other product, the Sony MDR7506 comes with some things that we don’t like, such as the bulkiness of the cord, which is explainable but still an annoyance. Also, the fact that the cable is fixed means that you can’t replace it for something else when needed or when it’s worn out. You’ll have to purchase a whole new set of headphones.

Lastly, although they’re quite large in build, you’ll find that the earcups are not as oversized as you’d want them to be.


  • Robust build
  • Sturdy coiled cable
  • Lightweight
  • Mild clamping power
  • Foldable
  • Protective case included
  • Replaceable earpads
  • Adjustable


  • Attached bulky cord
  • Small ear cups

Final Verdict

The solid performance’s longevity and stability from the first day to the last is all that this product is about. With the impedance and wide range of frequency provided by the Sony MDR7506, you’ll find them to be the perfect headphones for your drumming trip.

2. OneOdio – Best Budget

These headphones are the perfect choice for anyone with a limited budget. With such a tiny price tag, you’ll get an incredible package of features that are sure to put you on the right track.

The smallest feature of the OneOdio is its 9.8 ft, adapter-less, DJ style that you can directly plug into your devices without needing anything else.

Moreover, you’ll get two included plugs; 3.5 for smartphones and all small devices, plus a 6.35 for your music career. You can also use these cables with the Shareport technology, where you can connect several headphones to one device, which can be pretty awesome.

These cables can also be used in single-ear monitoring as the earcups can swivel up to 180°. Furthermore, the noise isolation provided by the headphones is generally due to their overall build. Mainly, it’s due to the high-quality padded ear cushions that surround your ear softly but prevent the intrusion of exterior noises as well.

The headband is quite wide, padded, adjustable, and flexible, which means that it’ll suit your head at any position. The headphones are also quite portable as they’re easily collapsible into a small size.

As for the impedance, it’s 320 ohms, which is excellent for the purpose of playing the drums.

Finally, the disadvantages of the OneOdio include the fact that the cables have been known to be flimsy and that the headphones are quite bulky.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Shareport technology
  • Adapter-less
  • Flexible headband


Final Verdict

If you don’t want to break the bank but still want to make a wise investment that will serve you well in the years to come, then the OneOdio is an excellent option as it provides excellent noise isolation and smooth, hassle-free operation.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Best Noise Isolation

The design of these headphones is everything. It guarantees your comfort, robustness, longevity, and premium sound quality. A disclaimer, though, these headphones come in four different varieties according to their nominal impedance;16, 32, 80, and 250 ohms. Today, we’ll be speaking about the 250 ohms since it’s most suitable for drumming.

Firstly, the closed-back design lays an excellent foundation for the exceptional noise isolation provided by the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, which can reach up to 35 DBs.

Moreover, they enjoy a headband constructed out of ultra-flexible steel and padded all over with leather. This ensures flexibility and durability. Hence, these headphones can take quite a few hits with little damage.

This is in addition to the fact that the clamping power is relatively moderate so that you can do all the drumming you want and get as excited as you want without having your headphones fall off your head or have them cause you headaches.

Furthermore, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is made to be as efficient as possible, as the cable is single-sided, eliminating the possibility of tangles. Additionally, the earpads are made out of velour, which constantly works on preventing the buildup of pressure and heat. This allows you to use these headphones for long sessions.

On the other side of the spectrum, although the cables are single-sided, they’re fixed, which eliminates the possibility of switching them out for any other variety of cables that could be more suitable to the current circumstances.

This also means that if something happens to the cord, you’ll have to switch out the whole headphones. Another thing is that these headphones don’t fold, and the ear cups don’t swivel at all, so you can’t do single-ear monitoring or rest them on your neck.


  • Superior sound isolation
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Single-sided cable


  • Doesn’t fold
  • Fixed cable

Final Verdict

If your top priority is to be able to listen to pure defined sounds with excellent noise isolation for extended periods through a comfortable build, then the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is the perfect choice for you.

4. Sennheiser HD280PRO – Best Sound Balance

The Sennheiser HD280PRO is one of the best pairs of headphones present on the market today. You can effortlessly use them for a wide array of uses, and they’ll do their job perfectly. However, today we’ll be speaking about how suitable they’re for drummers.

Firstly, they’ve got a closed-back design, which provides a significant level of noise isolation. That’s why you’ll be able to hear the music created by you and your band in the most transparent form possible. These headphones will not add or take from the quality of your sound; you’ll hear it precisely for what it is.

The Sennheiser HD280PRO is entirely manufactured in Germany, and German products are known for their strength. These headphones are made entirely out of premium quality plastic and covered with the padding of your choice. The ear cups, on the other hand, are completely padded.

The fact that these headphones are made out of plastic gives consumers significant freedom as plastic can adapt more readily to the head’s contours. You’ll find the clamping power of the Sennheiser HD280PRO to be neither overwhelming nor underwhelming.

Furthermore, these headphones’ sound quality is outstanding as the bass created here can be called faultless; you’ll find no drops at all when dealing with the Sennheiser HD280PRO. As for the treble, you’ll find it quite balanced and differentiated sharply, even the low frequencies.

One more thing is that the Sennheiser HD280PRO has been designed with your safety in mind. Therefore, you’ll discover that you don’t have to turn the volume all the way up to get clarity or noise isolation. So, perforating your eardrum is no longer a mandatory price for a certain level of sharpness.

On the contrary, the single-sided sturdy cable that we’ve spoken about is unfortunately fixed in its place, which means that you can’t replace it if it’s damaged, or if you just want to use a different cord. Consequently, if your cord is ruined for any reason, your whole set is gone as well.

Additionally, you can see that when Sennheiser has worked on these headphones, they’ve focused a lot more on the technology and not so much on the shape and style of the HD280PRO. That’s why they’re quite bulky, and their design is not what someone can call attractive.

Lastly, the materials used to cover the ear cups and cushion the consumers’ ears are not easily breathable, so they tend to trap the produced heat after some time, causing extreme discomfort.


  • Doesn’t require a high volume
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • One-sided cable
  • Excellent frequencies


  • Fixed cable
  • Bulky
  • Earcups trap heat

Final Verdict

The Sennheiser HD280PRO will serve you well no matter what kind of music you’re dealing with. As long as you’re not using it to listen to your smartphone, you’ll find it extremely helpful with a wide array of different frequencies. Plus, they’re quite flexible.

5. Shure SRH440 – Best Bass

Drummers always need headphones that have good bass, and the Shure SRH440 provides drummers with excellent bass, plus so much more.

These headphones are genuinely drummer-friendly to the core, as it provides excellent steady bass at all times, without drops or disturbances. The highs are perfectly extended, and the midrange is well balanced. The bass delivery is remarkable. However, it varies depending on the user’s seal and also on whether you wear glasses or not.

The Shure SRH440 are overhead closed-back headphones that are extremely well-padded. The sealing of the ear cups here helps in keeping out any ambient noises, providing an adequate level of noise isolation. They’re also well-cushioned and extremely comfortable to use.

When it comes to portability, the Shure SRH440 can be easily folded into two. This makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere, like the gym or even on a plane. Moreover, it comes with a detachable cord that doesn’t get tangled that much and is an amazing additional option. Additionally, there is a storage pouch that comes with the Shure SRH440 for its safe-keeping.

The Shure SRH440’s detachable cord that we’ve spoken about has a whopping length of 10 ft. Plus, don’t forget that the small stereo plug is 3.5 mm, and the 1/4 inches adapter that comes included in the package makes your experience easier and more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, the Shure SRH440 has some discouraging features. For starters, the sub-bass shows signs of inconsistency with different individuals. On the other hand, the mid-range response is virtually flat and good at best.

Another underwhelming feature is the noise isolation. It’s pretty weak, and you’ll notice a lot of outer sounds leaking inside. Finally, the Shure SRH440 comes without a microphone system, which can limit you.


  • Comfortable
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Detachable cable
  • Amazing high bass


  • No active microphone
  • Weak noise isolation

Final Verdict

The Shure SRH440 is an excellent set of headphones for drummers. Even though its noise cancelation is subpar, and it doesn’t come with a microphone, the bass, padded ear cups, carrying bag, and robust detachable cable make up for the rest and come together to form overall mesmerizing headphones.

6. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation – Best Design

Our product, the Vic Firth Stereo Isolation, is definitely a favorite amongst drummers all over the world. That is due to the plethora of great specs and features that these headphones offer.

They’ve got an awesome fit, superior noise isolation, and great practicality. You can use it with a wide variety of devices, and a sturdy, robust build that will keep going no matter what.

First of all, let’s speak about the design. These headphones enjoy a mild to hard clamping force, which means that they’ll stay on your head no matter what. Another thing is that the ear cups are foam-insulated in a certain way, which creates a self-alignment mechanism.

This means that the ear pads will close on your ear, forming a tight seal without causing discomfort or pain. This seal means that there’ll hardly be any leakage or unwanted entrance of exterior sounds. This overall design can isolate up to 24 dB of sound.

Moreover, these headphones are quite versatile, meaning that if you need to change something about them, such as the included cord, which is around 5-6 ft long, you can elongate it using an extension cord. You can also use the two different plugs included in the package to suit your diverse needs.

As for the sound quality provided by these headphones, they do their job perfectly. They give you stable frequencies that are apparent without overemphasizing one over the other. They also relieve you of the need to crank up your volume to the maximum to achieve the wanted noise isolation as the design does that for you automatically.

One more thing is that all of these features come for a reasonable price. The Vic Firth Stereo Isolation is not the cheapest pair of headphones on our list, but it’s categorized as budget-friendly.

On the other hand, the clamping force, along with the tight seal created by the ear cups, might cause some discomfort if the headphones are worn for excessive periods. Each one of these factors on its own is bearable. However, when combined, they can prove to be a little bit too much.

Again, with the tight seal, it might decrease the ear cups’ breathability, causing excessive unwanted sweating. Finally, not a lot of effort has been put into the exterior design of these headphones, they’re basic, and some people think they look rather cheap.


  • Self-aligning design
  • Tight seal with ears
  • Affordable
  • Comes with two different plugs
  • 25 DB noise isolation
  • Expandable cable


  • Applies too much pressure
  • Looks cheap
  • Causes excessive sweating

Final Verdict

The Vic Firth Stereo Isolation is an excellent pair of headphones if you want to be absorbed into your music world. They’re versatile and practical. Nevertheless, beware of the excessive pressure and sweating that you might suffer from when you use them too much.

How to Pick the Best Headphones for Drummers

Now, it’s time to speak about the main specs and features that you should be looking at and considering over and over again when you’re trying to purchase a set of headphones for your drumming career/hobby.


When we talk about headphones, impedance translates into the amount of power needed by the headphones before they can operate and give you optimal volume and quality.

Naturally, you’ll find varying impedances between different devices. That’s why if you’re going to connect your headphones to a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll need headphones with a lower impedance. Still, nowadays, you can find smartphones with an impedance of 600 ohms.

If you want to purchase headphones for drums, you’ll have to go higher than your average 60-80 ohms to get to that sound quality and noise isolation you want without putting too much pressure on yourself and your gear.


The build of your headphones is essential, no matter what you want to use them for. If you’re a part of a band and you’re traveling all the time, moving your things from one place to another, and using your headphones for extensive periods, the quality of their build becomes critical.

The main thing that you’d want to achieve is the balance between flexibility and strength. You want something with mild clamping power so that it’ll hold onto your head and not fall off when you get too excited on stage. You also don’t want it to put too much pressure on your head as to cause you headaches.

That’s where high-quality plastic and flexible steel come into play. These materials will always be padded with leather or any soft material that will cushion your head.

Noise Isolation

Some people tend to confuse the terms “noise isolation” and “noise cancellation.” Yet, the difference is quite simple: noise cancellation means canceling out the sound waves; in contrast, noise isolation means keeping them from entering.

The latter happens through the design of the headphones itself and the seal that they create with your skin. The feel and efficiency of this seal can be different between one and another. That’s why you must always take the time to try out your choices.


We’ve previously skimmed over the importance of portability for drumming headphones, and portability depends on several factors. The first is that your headphones should be foldable if you can. The smaller they can fold, the better you can place them in a little nook or a corner in your backpack.

Another factor is the swiveling earcups that would allow you to wear your headphones on your neck without a bothering as you lay them flat on your chest or if you wish to move with them.


If we’d like to sum up practicality, we’d say easy replacements. When you pay any sum of money for headphones, you don’t want to be replacing the entire thing anytime soon. Nevertheless, accidents are bound to happen, as you might accidentally tug on your cord too hard or lose an ear pad.

That’s why when you find that your manufacturer is providing you with accessible, high-quality replacements, you’ll find yourself a lot more confident in your choice, as you know that your headphones are here to stay.


The level of comfort provided by your headphones is a deal-breaker when making such a purchase. You’ll want something that you can adjust to fit you, which is why adaptable headbands are a great option.

Those headbands have to be padded, though, and this padding doesn’t have to be too excessive to do the job. A single layer of leather or foam will prove to be more than enough.

Moreover, the earpads should be oversized so that they can go around your ear, forming that seal that we’ve spoken about without creating pressure points. They also have to be made out of replaceable, breathable materials such as silk or velour.

Final Thoughts for Best Headphones for Drummers

This is where we part with you, and we hope that we’ve helped you reach an informed decision concerning the best headphones for drummers today.

Now, we’ll give you our top recommendations for this pair of headphones, and our first model will be our top pick, and that is the Sony MDR7506.

Sony products are always known to be trustworthy, and these headphones are no different. They enjoy a 9.6 ft cord, are portable, have a nominal impedance of 63 ohms, and a comfortable fit presented by the swiveling ear cups and replaceable ear pads.

Our second recommendation will be our budget pick, the OneOdio. These headphones are made to give you a straightforward, hassle-free experience. They don’t need anything to operate, and you can hook them up to any sort of device. Moreover, the ear cups can swivel up to 180°, and the impedance is 320 ohms, which is perfect for drumming.

Finally, our last recommendation will be the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, as it offers a superior level of noise isolation, which is mandatory when you’re faced with such loud noises for extended periods. They’ll be able to block out all of the unwanted noises and let you focus on your own music. They’re also quite durable and practical to deal with.

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