Dropped AirPods in Water? How To Save Them?

Dropped AirPods in Water? How To Save Them?

Dropped Earphones in Water How to Save Them?

Airpods are small beautiful earphones available in the market, but they are also very delicate and expensive.

But what if you accidentally drop your AirPods in water? In this article, we’ll help answer that and also show you how to fix your wet AirPods.

So, if you accidentally dropped your Airpods in water how to save them?

What you should do immediately if you have dropped your Airpods in water:

    • Shutdown Airpods Immediately
    • Do not attempt to turn on your Airpods as this may cause a short circuit
    • Do not use your Airpods immediately. It is recommended to wait a few hours before using them again
    • Begin by cleaning your Airpods with a dry piece of microfiber cloth
    • Let your AirPods sit upside down in the sun once you dry them
    • Try using some of the desiccant packets that usually come with shoe boxes with electronic gadgets and handbags.

These desiccant packets are made to absorb moisture and keeping your wet Airpods inside a container with some of these packets can help to draw out all the moisture from the Airpods.

After cleaning your AirPods with a dry microfiber cloth, always leave your AirPods out in the sun and allow them to dry for at least 1-2 hours before using them again. It is important that the water inside the Airpods is completely dry before turning it on or else a short-circuit may occur and your Airpods may be permanently damaged.

If you notice that your AirPods as well as its case are wet, then you should do the same thing as cleaning the AirPods case with a clean microfiber cloth and let it dry completely by leaving it in the sun for a few hours . , Even better if you leave the AirPods and the case in the open for 24 hours.

Trying one of the above methods will definitely help you fix our AirPods in water problem, however there are other things you try to make sure your AirPods are completely dry.

Many people are used to receiving notifications or warning signs when something is wrong with their gadgets and likewise you may wonder, do your AirPods come with a water damage indicator? Let’s see if they really do.

Do Airpods Come With Any Water Damage Indicator?

The answer is no. Airpods don’t come with any water damage indicator, although almost all Apple products come with one.

Usually, this indicator helps by sending you an alert that your gadget has been damaged due to water, but in the case of AirPods, unfortunately, there is no indicator.

So, the best way to know if your AirPods are damaged is when you connect them to their charger and they are unable to charge or when you connect them to your device and they connect to the device. fail to be.

How to dry Airpods completely?

Once you have dried your wet AirPods with a clean microfiber quality cloth and with the help of the desiccant packet, your Airpods are ready to use. However, if you are still not sure and want to try something else to dry your Airpods then

  • Put your Airpods in a warm place for a few hours
  • try to keep them in a ventilated cupboard
  • You can also keep them inside uncooked rice for a few hours. rice will absorb all the moisture
  • Avoid using Airpods for at least 2 days to make sure they are completely dry

Don’t – If You Dropped the AirPod in Water

Here are some things to avoid if you’ve dropped your AirPods in water:

  • Don’t put your wet Airpods back in their case before drying them
  • Do not use your Airpods before they are completely dry otherwise, your Airpods may short circuit and be permanently damaged
  • Try not to open your Airpods just because you want to dry them
  • Do not use a hair dryer to dry the water as the hot air from the dryer can damage the tiny electrical particles inside the AirPods.
  • Don’t even put your AirPods in front of the radiator as it can damage the AirPods circuitry
  • Do not put your Airpods in rice anymore as they will collect dust from the rice which in turn will destroy your Airpods completely.

It is the human tendency to panic during an accident, especially when your favorite devices like AirPods Pro are at stake. However, in situations like AirPods in water, don’t panic and stay calm. Because when you are nervous you make mistakes and take wrong decisions.

Tips to prevent your Airpods from getting soaked in water and getting damaged?

To make sure your little Airpods are always secure and that they don’t get soaked in water, try doing the following:

  • Don’t put your Airpods on wet surfaces
  • Always keep Airpods away from drinks
  • Don’t Spray Perfume When You’re Wearing Airpods
  • If it starts to rain, put the AirPods inside your bag
  • Don’t Use Your AirPods While Swimming
  • Check your pockets carefully before putting them in the washing machine
  • You can put an extra pouch or box for Airpods in it and make sure they are always secure
  • Don’t Use Your AirPods While Taking a Sauna or Steam
  • Don’t Use Your AirPods While Doing Water Sports

In many cases, a lot of users have complained that their AirPods stopped working because they got wet due to sweat while working or running. They finally ask are AirPods waterproof? Let us now understand what is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

Are Airpods Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Airpods aren’t waterproof but they are definitely water and sweat-resistant. This means they won’t get damaged with a little water but they are likely to be permanently damaged if you throw them in a swimming pool or you spill a glass of water on them.

What happens if AirPods get wet with any liquid other than water?

It totally depends on what got into the AirPods, for example, if you dropped your AirPods in salt water, apart from cleaning them, you also need to remove all the salt residue that accumulates in your AirPods. You also need to use a toothpick.

In cases where you have spilled coffee on your Airpods, you can use a damp cloth to clean them.

If you have spilled some food gravy in your AirPods Pro, apart from using a damp cloth to clean them, you have to make sure that you have removed every single residue carefully, otherwise your AirPods will give you sound. Can give trouble with the quality.

When we say AirPods are not water proof, we mean that any excess liquid can damage your AirPods and not necessarily just water. Liquids can also be liquid detergents, alcohol, salt water, food gravy, coffee, perfume, etc.

If even after following the given tips, you are not able to save your Airpods Pro, then do not try to open them under any circumstances. Instead please take your AirPods to your nearest service center to have them repaired or you may need to replace them.


We hope you enjoyed reading today’s article on AirPods dropped in the water fix and found it interesting. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with all the answers you were looking for. So, the next time you accidentally drop your AirPods in water, don’t panic but calm down and follow the instructions given here. Apple Airpods are fragile and expensive and you also need to be extremely careful while handling them.

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