Top 10 Best Headphones For Music With Extra Bass

Top 10 Best Headphones For Music With Extra Bass

Top 10 Best Headphones For Music With Extra Bass

If you are a music lover and need headphones that provide powerful bass and high-quality sound, then have a look at the details below as we have assembled a list of the best headphones for music with extra bass that ensures the provision of an exceptional listening experience with a balanced high and mid ranges. These headphones hold excellent features like noise isolation technology and inline remotes for the enhancement of bass in music. You can have a look at the list to find out the one which meets your preferences.

In a hurry? You can consider Bose QuietComfort 35 as it delivers clear and detailed audio with its dual noise rejecting microphone system. The headphones also work wirelessly with the feasible Bluetooth pairing. You can also sign in to the bose connect the app to control the settings. The headphones offer a battery life of 20 hours and can be used with Alexa for voice commands and other functionalities.

Choosing the best of the best from the list can be a really hard task. Before shedding light on the details of each product, you can check out the comparison table to compare these products in terms of features and prices.

1- Bose QuietComfort 35

While searching for the best headphones for music with extra bass, one of the highly suggested product is Bose Quiet Comfort 35. The headphones come with advanced features like noise rejecting dual-microphone system and deliver you excellently clear voice and allow you to take calls without facing any kind of disturbance. No matter how much low volume you are listening to, it will ensure the provision of balanced audio quality. With touch controls, it is highly easier to use. The battery life offered to you by it is 20 hours which can be enhanced up to 40 hours in a wired mode so you can use it for a comparatively longer time than other competitors in the market.

The multi-function button is a part of the headphone for having access to the default assistant of your mobile phone. The feasible and quick Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options are offered by it. The ALEXA is also supported by it. By simply pressing the action button you can connect to ALEXA. Its exceptional ergonomics provide complete comfort while wearing it. The Bose Connect app is here for providing complete control to you. You can conveniently control the noise level, connections, and other parameters.

To conclude, we can say that the product ensures delivering excellent performance and enables you to connect it with your mobile assistant and ALEXA for feasible functioning. Because of its noise rejecting feature, not only you can listen to music, you can also take calls and talk for a long time without facing disturbance.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Quick and convenient connectivities
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Bose Connect app

2- Bose SoundSport Free

Your search of the best headphones for music with extra bass may lead to the Bose SoundSport Free. The headphones are completely wireless and come with the battery life of 5 hours after charging it once whereas it can be enhanced by using it with charging case up to an additional 10 hours. The time taken by these earphones for charging is 2 hours. The dual-microphone array is held by it at the right bud for delivering you clear audio during calls.

Another exciting feature offered by it finds my bud by the bose connect app so now you can never be lost them by simply tracking them. Just install the app on your smartphone and have complete control over it. You can pair up your phone with them by Bluetooth. The air buds also provide resistance against sweat and weather and ensure you about excellent durability. For the provision of better fitting and complete comfort, the variation in size lets you choose the one out of the small medium and large according to the size of your ears. The earphones are designed to provide you high quality and powerful sound.

In a nutshell, we can say that if you are tired of using headphones and want some smaller solution that delivers excellent sound quality, you should surely have a look at it. With easy pairing and durability, it can be served best.


  • Bose Connect app
  • Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Variation in size


  • Battery life can be better

3- Sony MDRZX110/BLK

Another noticeable product in the list is Sony MDRZX110/BLK for the exceptional listening experience by delivering you excellent sound quality along with comfortable ergonomics and can be served as the best headphone for music with extra bass. The headphone comes with a 30-millimeter driver which ensures about transferring you a balanced response with full frequency from 12 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

It also provides complete comfort with feasible adjustments so you may not get tired after wearing it for a longer time. The headphone is lighter in weight and keeps your ear stress-free. The swivel folding design is held by it which makes it highly portable and space-saving as well. The 1.2 m cable is attached to it and gives you complete assurance about its durability. The design of the wire prevents you from getting tangled in it. The headphones come with a variation in colors so you can choose the one according to your choice. Moreover, it is affordable in price as well.

In our opinion, the product efficiently meets durability, comfort, and performance standards. With an elegant space-saving design and offers you color variation so you can decide according to your choice.


  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Space-saving design
  • Highly durable
  • Efficient sound quality
  • Lack of wireless connectivity options


  • Lack of wireless connectivity options

4- Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are tired of wearing large headphones and looking for a small and efficient solution, you can rely on the Bluetooth Earbuds by RadeMax. These wireless earbuds come with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology which ensures feasible and quick pairing and connection stability. So even with the distance of 45 ft with your paired devices, you will have excellent connectivity. It also claims universal compatibility which means you can attach it with any device with Bluetooth feature.

For the provision of exceptional sound quality with complete clarity and crisp even in a noisy environment, it comes with a vibrating diaphragm of 13 mm. Another feature that plays an important role in this excellent sound transferring is HD rendering technology. After charging the buds once, you can efficiently use it for 4 to 5 hours. The charging time taken by them is approximately 1 hour. Moreover, by using the mini charging case, they can support you up to 30 extra hours. The convenient connectivity options are also offered by it, after taking the buds out of the case, they will automatically connect with the last connected device. With an elegant design, excellent ergonomics, and lighter weight, it enables you to have a comfortable listening experience.

As a final analysis, the product comes with an advanced connectivity option with an efficient range. Apart from it, it also offers clear and crisp sound quality so you can highly ponder over it while searching for the best headphones for music with extra bass.


  • HD Rendering technology
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Lightweight and elegant design
  • Range of 45 ft.
  • Battery time of 4-5 hours


  • Claims about slight sound distortion

5- Bluetooth Headphones

The next product in the list of best headphones for music with extra bass is Bluetooth Headphones by LETSCOM which comes with a charging time of 8 hours with a single charge. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology delivers high-quality sound with a wider range. The powerful and balanced highs and lows sounds are delivered by its extraordinary features like CVC noise cancellation which efficiently cancels out the noise and CSR chip. The feasible controls are offered by it using a single button, so you can feasibly adjust the volume, take and reject calls, and for the attachment with the virtual assistant of your phone.

The headphones are lighter in weight which makes them highly portable and does not let your ears feel burdened after wearing them. One of its unique features is its waterproof nano-coating which delivers resistance against sweat, shine, or rain. For letting you always aware of the battery life of your headphones, it is displayed on the screen of a connected smartphone. With the built-in microphone, you can take calls using it as well without even worrying about the noise input and output.

By and large, the headphones are waterproof and ensure delivering detailed sound with maximum bass. Feasible controls, advanced connectivity with a wider range, long battery life, and virtual agent support makes it highly preferable.


  • Excellent battery timing
  • Waterproof nano-coating
  • Built-in microphone


  • Claims about bit distortion at high volumes

6- Bose SoundLink

The Bose SoundLink can be a good option if you are searching for the headphone which offers both wired and wireless connectivity options. In the case of wireless connectivity options, it offers stable connectivity with advanced Bluetooth technology. The headphone comes with the wireless connectivity range up to 30 meters. Moreover, one of the remarkable connectivity features offered by it is switching between two devices, so it allows you to stay connected with your smartphone as well as connected with another device.

As it is difficult to take calls on headphones because of the distortions like noise or wind so the headphones come with the latest microphone system and deliver your HD voice and clarity in calls. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are part of it which offers an excellent battery life of 15 hours. The ergonomics are designed for the provision of excellent comfort while wearing it. Moreover, it is lighter in weight as well. Its carry case makes it highly portable and convenient to store as well.

Bring up the rear; if your main concern is battery timing, the headphone is highly suitable. It transfers HD voice quality with feasible connectivity so you can have a look over it while searching for the best one.


  • Connectivity range up to 30 meters
  • Long battery life
  • Lighter in weight


  • Bass response changes at different volumes

7- Sony MDRXB50AP

You can contemplate on Sony MDRXB50AP in your search of the best headphones for music with extra bass. The headphones are highly suggested for you if your main concern is about the bass of the music. For meeting your requirements, it comes with the 12 mm dome type driver units which ensure the provision of powerful bass. The headphones are wired and come with an integrated microphone so you can efficiently use it for receiving calls as well without even worrying about the quality of your voice. The complete smartphone playback control is offered to you by it with a single multi-purpose button present on it.

For letting them comfortably fit in your ears, it comes with the hybrid silicone earbuds and does not let your ears feel tired or achy. The clear, powerful, and high-quality sound is offered by its 0.47 inches neodymium magnets. The Y type flat cord wire is held by it along with the slider and does not let them tangled. For a high level of sound isolation, it comes with a tightly sealed acoustic design. Moreover, it is extremely lighter in weight so save it in your pocket and use it whenever you want. For adding control functionalities, you can connect it using a smart key app with your smartphone.

As a whole, the dome type driver units provide excellent bass so if you are professional and want the best one for music mixing and tracking, you can efficiently rely on it because of its advanced features.


  • Deliver powerful bass
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds
  • Y type flat cord wire
  • Tightly sealed acoustic design


  • A bit limited sound details

8- Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M20x can also be served as the best headphones for music with extra bass because of its extraordinary and advanced features and is most liked to use by most of the musicians for studio mixing and tracking. For transferring premium sound quality, the headphones come with 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils which deliver you an exceptional listening experience with complete details and powerful bass. It is also suitable for advanced low-frequency performance as well.

It can be proved irritating to listen to the sound in noisy environments so for the prevention of this problem, the headphone comes with the circumaural design and provides complete sound isolation to your ears. Another element that plays an important role in delivering powerful sound is the presence of neodymium magnets in it. It comes with the wire on a single side. The easy adjustments and comfortable fittings are offered by the headphones enable you to have an excellent listening experience with complete comfort.

Overall, it may be said that technical and advanced features are held by the product so whether you want a low or high-frequency performance, it will meet your requirements.


  • Circumaural design
  • Feasible adjustments and fittings
  • Premium sound quality

9- Bose Noise Cancelling

You can also contemplate on the Bose Noise Cancelling while searching for the best headphones for music with extra bass because of its versatile design and features. The headphones come with 11 levels of noise-canceling for the provision of stunning and powerful noise by controlling the external noisy distractions. With a battery life of 20 hours, it is highly preferable as compared to the other competitive products in the market. The headphone is stainless steel made and lighter in weight as well. The material quality results in the provision of excellent durability.

The touch controls are also offered by it over the ear cups so you can make feasible adjustments regarding it. It is completely supported by ALEXA and your Google assistant which makes it’s functioning more feasible. The Bose simple Sync technology lets your pair it up or synchronizes it with other models as well. The angled ear cups of the headphone provide an excellent fit and enable you to have a comfortable listening experience through it.

In closing, we can say that the exceptionally long battery life is offered by it. With excellent durability, lighter weight, and noise cancelation feature, it delivers an excellent performance.


  • Longer battery life
  • Supports ALEXA and Google assistant
  • Bose simple Sync technology

10- Sennheiser HD280PRO

Along with the sound quality if one of your main concerns is about comfortable fittings and external noise canceling then one of the best options is Sennheiser HD280PRO. The headphone comes with an exceptionally comfortable design with the padded headband and ear pads which are replaceable as well so in the case of damage you can replace its padding. In the case of sound quality, the headphone offers a nominal impedance of 64 ohms and a sound pressure level of 113 dB. So whenever you wear it, it provides attenuation of outside sound up to 32 dB whereas the frequency response of the headphone varies from 8 Hz to 25,000 Hz.

For the complete prevention of outside sound, the headphone comes with the circumaural design. Moreover, it is extremely lighter in weight, so after wearing it, you will not feel burdened. The earpads are made of synthetic leather which makes it highly durable. Because of its collapsible, rotating ear cup design, it is highly space-saving to store.

To end up the discussion, we can say that advanced features and excellent ergonomics are possessed by it. So after buying it get ready for experiencing an exceptional performance with comfort.


  • Padded headphones
  • Feasible adjustments
  • Highly durable


  • The cable is not detachable

Headphones Buying Guide:

Before making a decision, keep some of the elements in mind to get the best of the best.

  • On/Over-ear: First of all, choose which one is needed by you, on-ear or over-ear headphones. The on-ear headphones come with a smaller size and deliver excellent breathability to your ears whereas the over-ear comes with a larger size and provides efficient isolation so you can choose any one of them.
  • Battery: The most important element is battery timing offered by it. The longer battery life results in enabling you to use it for a longer time.
  • Durability: Check out the durability of the product whether they will be proved durable and serve as partners for your ears for a longer period or not.
  • Performance: You should also have a look over the features that indicate its performance like drivers, noise-canceling property, and other technical terms as well.


Which headphone has the best bass?

All of the headphones mentioned in the list above deliver an excellent bass so you can choose any one of them. The most liked and selling brand in this regard is Bose.

Which headphones are best for music production?

You can choose from the list above. Other than this the brands like Sony, Audio technical, Bose comes with such headphones that can be proved best for music production.

Do earbuds have good bass?

Yes, the earbuds also provide good bass as well. You can check out the list to find out the best one that meets your requirements.

Can bass ruin headphones?

No, the bass does not ruin the headphones. In some of the headphones at really high volume, sometimes sound gets distorted.

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