Top 20 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100

Top 20 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100

Top 20 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100

For anything you want to buy you need to grant permission from your pocket, if it allows you then you can have your desired product. Headphones especially wire-free are more trendy these days. All we know is that now we can purchase headphones just by clicking on our phones through many online shops. They can be expensive or can be cheap. All variety is available in the market. It depends on our research on how we can have the best headphones and save money at the same time. Here we‘ll discuss all types of headphones whether they are over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear headphones, which are good in quality and also under 100$.

We will deeply analyze all features of the products which will give you a hand to buy perfect headphones for yourself.

Let’s dig into the detailed descriptions of perfect headphones for you.

1. Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earphones

Type: In-ear  Bluetooth:5.0 Noise-canceling Microphones Graphene Drivers Delicate Charging Case

True wireless earbuds for office and calm environment

Sound core earbuds have fine features that can give you the pleasure to listen to smooth and stable sound for under $100. Its lighter weight makes them comfortable to wear and its delicate design keeps them secure and prevents them from falling off while you are listening to music or some important calls.

Will the cost affects the Bluetooth connection?

This is the happiest thing of these earbuds that they will give you the best Bluetooth connections regardless of their cost. You can enjoy the most steady connections with your android devices.

How long they can run their battery?

These earbuds can remain functional for 5 hours with a single charge and with charging these can have a playtime of almost 20 hours. That s significant battery life for good earbuds.

Built in microphones polish its quality:

The microphone in each earbud ensures quality calls and due to noise reduction technology class becomes more clear. With perfect ear tips, these earbuds allow you to listen to the best sound while you are working and keeps your hands at more freedom. These are some of the best options within your budget.


  • Ultra-lightweight earbuds that remain steady in the ears.
  • A single touch can control the class and volume of the music.

2. Sennheiser HD 4.40 Around Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Type: Over-ear Bluetooth: 4.0 Foldable & flexible headband Super easy pairing

Perfect over-ear headphones for enjoying pleasurable and sound music

Sennheiser HD4.40 is one of the best choices within 100 bucks as they provide its signature sound. It delivers exceptional clear noise-reducing sound. One will not hesitate to purchase it after getting through its detailed features.

Are they comfortable?

They are super comfortable with soft-covered ear pads. A flexible and light headband keeps your ears fatigue-free even for long sessions of listening.

Pairing with other devices:

Bluetooth connections ensure super easy pairing with other devices. The light weight gives freedom to move anywhere while listening to your sound music.

The battery is long-lasting:

Its battery life is almost 25 hours that is quite fine for long sessions of music. One should not worry about its battery life as it is significantly long.

Control of headphones:

Easy to control your calls and your music with intuitive earcups. Calls can be made by an integrated microphone. You can connect them with your pc just like powerbeats pro – here are simple to follow steps!


  • Sound quality is awesome with some extra bass
  • Battery life is enough for long sessions of music.


  • Control buttons can give a bit confusing time to tackle the tracks or volume of the music.

3. Anker Sound core Life Q20 Hybrid Active Headphones

Type: Over-ear Bluetooth: 5.0 Hybrid active noise cancellation Memory foam earcups Base Up technology

Best for traveling and office work

Many people find these headphones best with their signature sound. These are durable and comfortable to wear.  These are easy to use while you are traveling via plane or train it will keep you far away from the noise and delivers your most comforting sound.

Noise cancellation technology:

By using the best noise reduction technology they can detect even the lowest noise and reduce it to produce a clear sound. Hybrid active noise cancellation makes them best for traveling as they can reduce the noises from cars, trains, or planes.


With active noise cancelation mode, its paly time can be 40 hours that is quite wonderful as their cost is under 100 bucks. A single charge can even give enough juice that they can give you the company of songs for a long time time.

Connections and transmission:

With Bluetooth 5.0 it gives unbreakable connections with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Some extra qualities:

With built-in advanced microphones, it ensures the best quality calls during traveling or during your work. It comes with a traveling pouch for your convenience during your travels. Its accessories make them playing songs even on it goes on a low battery. Micro USB cable is also there to charge them when you need it in an emergency. Base-up technology helps you to analyze the frequency and beats of your music and adjust them to provide comfort to your ears.


  • Make good connections with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery life is good enough for a prolonged time period.
  • The cost is very reasonable.


  • Overall decent headphones with affordable prices probably need extra care to prevent any damage.

4. Jaybird Tarah, Wireless Sport Headphones

Type: In-ear IPX:7 Connectivity: Bluetooth Ultra-soft silicone ear gels One-touch control

Recommended for athletes, sports persons or runners.

Sport fit jaybird tarah is one of the top choices made by those who are used to do an intense workout. one of the main reasons is its design that keeps them self secure in ears and cannot easily droop out during vigorous situations. Flexible silicone ear gels keep the ear pressure-free when you are listening to music.

Waterproof & dustproof:

Whether you are doing your workout indoors or outdoors these earbuds remain functional and cannot get damaged due to dust or sweat because they have IPX7 protection. This quality also attracts many athletes because this allows them to do their work out in a delightful environment.

Battery life:

The play tie of these earbuds is 6 hours with a single charge that is fine enough. It ensures long enough training sessions with enjoyable music.
Single touch control:

It ensures a hassle-free training session and allows you to focus on your workout as you can control your music and calls with just one touch.

Easy connection with the help of Bluetooth and crystal clear calls makes them more suitable under a bounded budget.


  • Ultra soft silicon ear gels
  • One touch control

5. TaoTronics Active Headphones

Type: over-ear Bluetooth: 5.0 Advanced noise-canceling technology 5 min charging-2 hour playtime

Absorbs all kinds of traffic noise and keeps you dip in your music.

Tao Tronics is one of the best overhead earphones under $100, which ensures you enjoy pleasurable sound with super-advanced noise-canceling technology.

Which feature makes these headphones best?

Its noise-canceling feature allows preventing all kinds of noise during travel like traffic, car, or plane engines. This is will keeps you away from all kinds of stress during your travel


Bluetooth 5.0 helps in making clear and stable connections during listening to your favorite tunes or during important calls.

Is battery life satisfying:

Its battery life is more than satisfying. On a full charge, its playtime is 30 hours but if you are in hurry then only 5 minutes of charging can run them for 2 hours.

Delicate carrying case:

these are flexible and foldable omes with an elegant crying case the makes them easy to hold.


  • Sound quality is perfect with clear and crispy audio.
  • Noise cancellation is quite decent.
  • Bluetooth provides compatible connections.


  • Apparently there is no weak side of these headphones.

6. JBL TUNE 700BT – Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Black

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth

Comfortable and lightweight which gives a comfortable environment to ears.

These are true wireless earphones that ensure steady and noise-free sound when you are doing your free time or any online work. It’s easy to control these earphones and remain free and delighted.

Bluetooth connection:

It gives the best Bluetooth connection which allows clean connections during listening to music or calls.

Battery life:

Its battery life is long enough that you can continue your music sessions up to 27 hours with a charging case.

These headphones are comfortable to wear and keep ears pressure-free. It is one of the best choices for earphone users as these are light weighted and foldable.


  • Audio quality is good
  • Battery life is quite long enough.
  • Foldable and easy to carry in your bag


  • Not a very good choice for those who wear glasses

7. Anker A3451011 Sound Core by Spirit X Wireless Earphones UN – Black

Type: in-ear Connection: Bluetooth Secure with ear wings Long life of the battery

Remain secure and feels like a feather during your work

One of the smart and durable wireless earphones is Anker Soundcore. These come with comfortable ear tips that keep your ear at ease. Security of not falling or slipping off is guaranteed by special ear wings.

Clear Connections:

Bluetooth in these earphones makes easy connections when you are listening to music or during calls during your working hours or during driving.

Battery life:

The battery life of these headphones is 12 hours which allows you to enjoy your music for a long time.

Waterproof and dustproof:

These are dustproof and sweatproof headphones that give you relief during your intense workout or in outdoor activities.


  • Noise cancellation is great which keeps away all noises.
  • Sweatproof and dustproof allows it to be used during work out.
  • Bluetooth offers quick connections.


  • Remote control for track or volume change may cause bit trouble.
  • Cannot connect with two devices simultaneously.

8. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Type: on-ear Connection: Bluetooth Battery life: 30 hours Multi-directional control knob

Durable and designed to deliver a clear voice.

Iconic headphones with the most reasonable price are marshall major headphones. It provides you clear and noise-free sound whether you are listening to music or watching movies. Its remarkable features make them worthy to buy without any hesitation.

Bluetooth aptX:

Its Bluetooth gives great audio quality with stable connections. It can be connected with the device even at 30 feet of distance. That incredible feature makes them special.

Battery life:

Its battery life makes you tension-free as it can run for more than 30 hours when it is fully charged.

Multi-directional knob:

Its multi-directional control knob allows you to control its volume, track change, or even your calls in a very easy way.


  • Bluetooth connections are perfect.
  • The good quality of the audio is ensured.


  • Noise cancellation is not blocking all kinds of noises.

9. Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphones

Type: on-ear Connectivity: Bluetooth DSP of best music sound Light in weight

Perfectly adjustable with HD voice for good quality calls

Jabra Move wireless headphones one top-ranking Bluetooth headphones within the cost of 100 dollars. Of course, its price is not only its bright side its perfect from many aspects. As it can deliver perfect audio whenever you want to listen to music. It gives a clear HD sound during your important calls.

The battery life of Jabra move:

One can use them for 8 hours with a single charge and can enjoy his music for a long time without any tension of charging.

Adjustable head-band:

It also has a very light weighted and adjustable headband which makes you comfortable while you are wearing it.

All of these aspects with a stable Bluetooth connection make it worthy to buy and cherish.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Battery life is perfect.
  • These offer good sound quality.


  • The headband is stretchable may cause drooping off during vigorous activities.

10. Audio-Technica ATH-SR6BTBK Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Black

Type: Over-ear Connection: Bluetooth

Best companion which provides every beat of music clear to your ears.

these are also one of the best choices for those who are used to use headphones in their daily routines. For people who like to listen to music during their leisure time or like to watch movies with good quality audio, these headphones can be the best choice for them.


With Bluetooth 5.0 these earbuds make very clear and stable connections with smartphones and other devices. That ensures persistent music without any trouble.

Easy to wear: its soft protein earpads make it comfortable to ears and also helps in the reduction of noise while listening to music or attending a call. its adjustable headband helps to keep perfect fighting around the head and keeps it stable.


  • Faster connections with Bluetooth 5.0
  • High-quality sound can be delivered by these headphones.


  • Extra bass may not be delivered by these headphones

11. Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Wireless Earbuds 35H Cycle Playtime in-Ear Wireless Headphones

Type: ear-in Bluetooth: 5.0 Ipx ranking: 5

Super-light earbuds keep accompany you while work, running, or traveling.

These earbuds are hi-fi stereo buds that are suitable for running, traveling, and working in the office. Its ergonomic design is much comfortable to wear and remains steady in-ears for a long time. These are one the best Bluetooth earbuds that one can afford within a hundred bucks.

Connections: with Bluetooth 5.0 these earbuds make a connection with your smartphone with extra efficiency. These can be easily be paired with other devices it’s advanced Bluetooth and keeps your music streaming without any interruption. This aspect makes them more attractive and efficient.

Waterproof: its IPX ranking makes them good in seat resistant and dust resistant. This feature allows them to remain functional when you are running or you are experiencing any adventures. These can be used in outdoor activities as they are good in dust resistance.

Battery-life: it has a long battery life as one can enjoy its playtime for 35 hours with a compact case. One can enjoy long sessions of music while running or doing office work.

All these features make them worth buying and being kept by yourself for enjoying music. It has one press button to control the tacks, calls, and volume. One should not hesitate to buy these reasonable and durable earbuds.


  • Light and feathery weight which makes them able to be wear for a long time period.
  • Battery life is quite good.
  • One press button can control these earbuds.

12. LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds V5.0 IPX7 Headphones with Travel Case

Economic headphones with high fidelity stereo sound and with great noise cancellation

Type: in-ear with a neckband Bluetooth: 5.0 Ipx ranking: 7

These stylish headphones make your moments enjoyable with great quality of sound. These are responsible for delivering audio perfect with bass and amp. Music and calls can be more clearer with these headphones.

Noise cancellation:  CVC 6 noise cancellation in these headphones can remove all the distractive noise and help to focus on listening to music or online lectures. This aspect of noise cancellation keeps your brain in peace even at noisy places like parks or food courts etc.

Bluetooth: these headphones make a stable connection with your smart devices as they have Bluetooth 5.0. This ensures a good connection and pairing with other devices.

Battery-life: these headphones have a long-lasting battery life which can allow you to listen to music for long walks. These take almost 1 hour to get fully charged and with one single charging, these can run for 8-9 hours. This timing of battery life makes them more attractive.

These headphones with amazing noise cancellation deliver good sound quality which makes you fall in love with them. These are recommended for sportspersons who loved to listen to music while playing or exercising as they remain steady in the ears and they are more comfortable to ears.

Sweatproof and dustproof: with Ipx ranking 7 these are considered highly resistant to heavy sweat and dust. So these can be highly recommended for Athletes because they can bear heavy sweating without getting damage.


  • Highly resistant to sweat and dust.
  • Comes with accessories that can be more comfortable.
  • The sound quality is quite good.


  • Charging indicator can annoy the users.
  • Low bass tunes can remain unlistened through these headphones.

13. Bluetooth And Wired Stereo Headphones Light Weight for Prolonged Wearing by Zihnic (Black/Blue)

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth Built-in microphone

Overhead earphones with soft ear pads help you to enjoy amazing music during your walks.

These super comfortable headphones can accompany you on your long journeys and delivers music with great sound quality. its texture is soft and flexible and it’s easy to wear them for a long time period.

Noise-reduction: these headphones have prevents to vanish of noisy sounds from your surroundings and allows you to listen to clear music or calls.  It has modern software for noise reduction and earmuffs also helps in the reduction of noise,

Battery-life:  these are rechargeable headphones and have long battery life. These can work for 14 horses with a single complete charge. With this good life, these can be taken by you for long sessions of music or for long lectures.

Bluetooth connection: these headphones are also able to provide fast and steady Bluetooth connections with other devices.

These are some of the comfortable headphones with the amazing sound quality available under the hundred bucks that can be suitable for your use. If one wants durable headphones should not hesitate to consider them.


  • They are good at noise reduction
  • Soft earpads can keep ears comfortable.


  • Its material may need extra care to avoid any damage.

14. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Black

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth Playtime: 15 hours

These are Stylish and attractive true wireless headphones for under a hundred dollars.

These headphones are available with advanced features which offer you good quality of sound to your ears. With a higher quality of sound, these are also comfortable to wear. These headphones don’t cause any pressure on the neck or ears.

Connections: these wireless headphones can be connected with your smartphone or laptop with an advanced Bluetooth connection. Pairing and connection are fast and it gives stable connections to stream your music smoothly.

Battery-life: it has a good battery life as these can run for 15 hours with a single charge. This time play is good enough for listening to music for a long time or attending any long online conference.

Comfortable to wear: these are made up of soft and flexible material which gives comfort to your head and ears. The headband is stretchable so it can be adjusted according to ti the size of the head.

All these features assure you to produce a clear sound while listening to the music or attending the calls.


  • Battery life is good enough to use them for a long time.
  • There is a back-up for battery charge.
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time period.


  • Its weight is not very light.
  • Ear-pads are tight around the ears which can cause uneasiness after a long time of using it.

15. BEARTWO Upgraded Foldable Wireless Neckband Headset

Type: in-ear with neck-band Connection: Bluetooth Battery life: 18 hours

Foldable headphones can bring you the best sound of beautiful melodies.

These headphones are manufactured with advanced design. These come with a foldable neckband which is easy to carry and easy to wear.  With remarkable desigen, these are responsible for producing stereo sound with high bass without giving any pressure to the ears. Different ear-tips come with these headphones that can be adjustable according to the size of the ears. These headphones can accompany you while you are running or doing exercise.

Bluetooth: these come with advanced Bluetooth technology. These headphones are able to connect with two devices at the same time. These can easily be connected with smartphones and laptops at the same time and secure stable connections.

Battery-life: its battery life 18 hours with a single charge. With smart desigen and clear sound, it can give you company for a long time without any worry.

Noise-cancellation: these headphones have noise cancellation technology, which prevents distracting noises from interpreting your music. This can helps you to keep the focus on your workout or running.

The earbuds of these headphones can vibrate when a call is coming so you can easily attend your calls on time. You can easily carry them while you are running or walking with their flexible and comfortable neckband. During running or intense workout, these can bear heavy sweat because these are good at resisting sweat and dust.


  • These can be connected with two devices easily at the same time.
  • A built-in mic can ensure good quality of sound.
  • A foldable neck is easy to carry.


  • There is no noise cancellation technology is used in it.

16. COWIN E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Black

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth Battery life: 30 hours

These headphones can produce clear and crisp audio. These are light weighted and soft headphones that are easy to wear even for a day.

Connection: these headphones can make connections with other devices through advanced Bluetooth connections. It ensures stable and steady streaming of music.

Battery-life: these headphones can run for 30 hours with a single charge so you can bring your music with you while traveling far.

protein-earpads: these headphones come with protein ear-pads that are able to keep your ears fatigue-free. These are also helpful in the reduction of noise while listening to music.


  • Protein earpads to keep the ears comfortable.
  • Battery life is 30 hours that is amazing.


  • As the body is made up of plastic so for its longevity, it needs more care.

17. Sony WH-CH510: Wireless Bluetooth, Blue

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth Battery life: 35 hours

These headphones can help you to enjoy beautiful tunes while traveling

These over-ear headphones are one the comfortable and easy-to-carry headphones that guarantee crisp and clear sound to your ears. One can afford these good-quality headphones at a reasonable cost.

Bluetooth: these headphones can pair with your smartphones quickly with their advanced Bluetooth. Music streaming is smooth with its Bluetooth connection.

Battery-life;  with a battery life of 35 hours, these headphones can entertain you on at a long journey. For music lovers, these are the best options as they can keep playing music all day.

Easy to carry: these are comfortable and keep the ears without any pressure regardless of time. Its solid and flexible material makes it easy to carry in your traveling bag. These headphones are durable and long-lasting.


  • Battery life is great that allows them to run for 35 hours.
  • Easy to make calls with a built-in microphone.
  • Flat ear-pads are easy to be packers in your suitcase.


  • These are not good at resisting water and sweat.
  • There is no headphone jack with it.

18. JBL TUNE 500BT – On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone – Black

Type: over-ear Connection: Bluetooth Foldable and easy to carry Light-weighted

Easy to use and well-equipped handphones that can produce ultra-clear audio.

JBL tune headphones ensure pure bass quality and high-quality sound. These are the wireless Bluetooth streaming headphones that can be afforded by anyone who doesn’t want to spend much money. music can be more delightful with these headphones at your ears.

Bluetooth: these can be paired with smart devices with Bluetooth technology which can stream the music smoothly and without any interruption. Bluetooth technology provides a durable connection with your laptop or android phone.

Perfect desigen: manufacturers make them lightweight so that these are able to be carried by listeners all day long. Wearing them all day long cannot cause any trouble to the ears or head of the user. It’s lightweight and flexible material makes them easy to wear. On the other hand, these are foldable so it’s easy to carry them during travel.

Battery-life: its battery life is sufficient to keep accompany someone with music for a long time. These can run for 16 hours with a single charge.

Sound quality: these headphones provide a good quality of sound while listening to music or attending a call. These headphones deliver a clear and crisp sound.


  • These are lightweight headphones.
  • High-quality bass is delivered by these headphones.


  • Only have a micro USB port for charging

19. Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Sport Fitness – Black Metallic/Flash

Type: in-ear with a neckband Connection: Bluetooth

Sweatproof & dustproof

These are for those who love adventures and outdoor sports.

Athletes can feel blessed with these smart and lovely headphones. These are good for those who want to listen to music during running or climbing mountains.

Designed for sportspersons: these headphones remain steady in the ears and possess a good Ipx ranking all these features make them best for athletes. As these can bear heavy sweating without any damage and remain comfortable to the ears all day long so these can be used for long-period adventures.

Battery-life: these wireless headphones have 8 hours of playtime and are easily rechargeable.

These headphones are good at delivering high-quality sound and maintain a steady Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. These are inexpensive and stylish headphones with great features.


  • Lpx ranking is good so these can bear splashes of water.
  • A comfortable neck-band helps them to remain firm during vigorous activities.


  • Battery life is bit shorter compared to other headphones.

20. Sony WHXB700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Black

Type: over-ears Connection: Bluetooth Batter-life: 30 hours

Enjoy your coffee and listen best quality audio through these headphones with every sip.

Sony headphones have great quality and deliver the best bass of audio. You can listen to every beat of the music with these impressive headphones. These are the one the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for under 100 dollars. One can choose them without any hesitation. These are comfortable and keeps the noise away.

Bluetooth: connection made by these headphones with other devices is fast and smooth. These avoid any interruption during connections and provide smooth streaming.

Battery-life: these can run for 30 hours with a single charge that is significantly long-lasting charging. One can listen to a long session of music during weekends or vacations.


  • Its battery life is amazing
  • Quality of headphones is durable and long-lasting


  • Only comes with USB-c cable


All the above-discussed headphones or earbuds are considered best for those who are fond of enjoying their own music and keeps revolving around their own world. All the features are best under the budget. These headphones offer the best aspects whether it’s audio quality, connectivity with other devices, or wearing comfort. According to their cost, they are the best and most comfortable for your ears. One should make himself ready to buy these best Bluetooth wireless headphones for under $100 and enjoy his life with the best audio during music and calls.

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