Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Reviews

10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Reviews 2022

10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Reviews

Now you no longer need a cord to listen to the music using the headphones. Join us on the Bluetooth headphones bandwagon to enjoy the ride without struggling with the sound quality and tangling cord of the headphones.

In the last few years, we have come a long way in the wireless headphones industry. The advancement in headphones has been remarkable in terms of sound quality and long-lasting batteries.

A few years ago, when people wanted Bluetooth headphones, but they had to struggle with the sound quality, and low battery life was a big issue. But guess what? Now the short battery life and poor quality of sound is not the issue anymore. The best Bluetooth headphones come with high-quality audio and long-lasting batteries, along with some other perks.

The Bluetooth headphones have increased the convenience and also works as a high noise-canceling device. Well, the latter part is not available in most of the wireless headphones. But still, you can find plenty of Bluetooth headphones without cables for easy use.

Below we are mentioning some of the features that you must consider when hunting for the best.

Features to consider

Let’s talk about the features that you must consider.

Type of the headphone

You must have heard about different kinds of headphones. Some of them are;

  • In-ear headphones
  • On-ear headphones
  • and over-ear headphones.

You can also find on-ear headphones. All of these different kinds of headphones have their pros and cons. You should pick one that serves you with the best quality sound and comfort.

Battery life

Most of us are always looking for Bluetooth headphones that have longer battery life. You would not want to have headphones that have a small battery life, which cannot be used for a long while. So, you will find a lot of options that of longer battery life and fast charging. This way, while you are commuting or working out, you would not have to do it without listening to music.

Noise cancellation

Look for the Bluetooth headphones that offer you noise cancellation. The noises on the outside world will not disappear on their own. You need to get the headphones that will help you cancel the noises. Getting the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone will be your best shot.


The ear cups of the headphones make a huge difference. When you are using or buying the headphones, make sure the ear cups are adequately padded and provide you comfort while listening to the music. Also, in the case of on-ear and over the earphones, you must look for the collapsible ear cups. Also, when you are listening to music while you are going out and commuting or working out, you must need headphones that are easy to store. The headphones with collapsible ear cups are super easy to store and can be appropriately folded without any hindrance.

Water resistance

You will not be using the earphones with water or around water, but while you are working out, you need to find the best Bluetooth headphones that are water-resistant. Water-resistance plays a vital role while you are working out. You do not want to ruin your headphones. So, pick the headphones that are designed for work out and also water-resistant.

Design and comfort

The design and comfort make a huge difference. When the headphones are not appearing, and attractive, the user will not want to choose them. Even when the sound quality of these headphones is high, that design still matters a lot. Also, the comfort makes a huge difference as well—the padding of the ear cups and the headband work hand in hand to provide the best support. So, watch out for the headband and see if it is high quality and does not sleep over your head. Also, look out for the padding because sometimes, while you are wearing the headphones for a long while, you may feel uncomfortable. So, with better padding, it will provide you more comfort.

Fast charging

When you are out and about, and you see your headphones do not have a battery would want them to charge fast. People feel it extremely difficult to concentrate while working out without music. So, convenient and fast charging will be e a great feature to consider. Also, some of the headphones come with wireless charging, which is an even better choice.


When you are investing in Bluetooth headphones, you must know that it is of high quality and durable. If it is not going to last a long time, then there is no point in investing your money and wasting it on low-quality headphones. Make sure you pick a high-quality Bluetooth headphone that has excellent sound quality and availability is also top-notch. The price of these headphones can be a huge factor in making the Bluetooth headphones look promising.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

You must consider these features while you are planning to buy the best Bluetooth headphones. Now that you are all that up to find the best Bluetooth headphones, we have compiled a list for you. Take a look below and find out the best and the most suitable option for Bluetooth headphones.

1- Sony WH – 1000x M3

The first one on a list is Sony headphones, which are one of the best Bluetooth headphones that provide an all-around package. These Sony headphones are considered the jack of all trades as it comes with Bluetooth and noise-canceling specifications. It also comes with built-in mic control, and the best part is the 30-hour Long battery life.

Sony headphone is an on-ear headphone that is super comfortable to use. There is nothing that can go wrong with these headphones. The excellent padding provides a perfect Envelope for the ear. The sound quality is super incredible with that noise-canceling feature. It becomes even better. It also has Touchpad control. However, the Touchpad control may have glitches, but overall these headphones are worth buying. There is a fast charging feature as well that fully charges the headphones in just 3 hours. And with the charging of 10 minutes, your headphones will last for up to 5 hours. You would not be disappointed after buying these Bluetooth headphones that have dynamics sound and intuitive features. The Great battery life and the noise-canceling function is the cherry on top.

The premium built of the Sony headphone makes it an even better choice. The sound surrounding cups enhances sound quality. The headband is also great to look at, unlike many other headphones that have a balloon-like headband. It also comes with the quick attention mode, and the general touch controls are great. However, you need to get used to them to change the volume and access the headphones properly. These headphones have improved sound quality and can be used for voice calls to listen to the sound.


  • High-quality sound and noise-canceling feature
  • Best all-round headphones
  • Super comfortable on-ear headphones


  • The touch controls me to give you a hard time

2- Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

The next one on the list is another one of the top priorities of most people. These wireless headphones are a significant cause of Bluetooth availability and the noise-canceling feature. The battery life of these headphones is maybe slightly less than the Sony headphones. These headphones can last for 17 hours with complete charging. However, the sound quality is still incredible, and the noise-canceling feature is the best that you can find.

The Sennheiser headphones are fabulous because of the enhanced noise quality. It also provides you with the leverage of using the control application to adjust the EQ settings. You can check the battery life of these headphones by using the app. You can block or Switch between the three modes of noise-canceling features. The three modes are anti-wind, Max, anti-pressure. You can also use the voice assistant, either Siri or Google Assistant, with only a single touch on the button on the right ear cup.

The padding on the headphones is incredible. Also, you will love the noise-canceling feature. This feature is world-class, and you will not find any other premium noise-canceling headphones. Also, battery life is a little shorter, but still, the Bluetooth connectivity is impressive. It is one of the best noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones.


  • Incredible sound quality with convenient features
  • Energetics found and excellent padding
  • Superb noise cancellation


  • Battery life is not the best

3- AKG N60NC wireless headphones

Looking for portable Bluetooth headphones that are easy to carry? Well, we have got you. These attractive and portable headphones with enabled Bluetooth by AKG are the perfect Bluetooth headphones. It also has to offer a noise-canceling feature, and the charging port is a micro USB. The bed in my control is also available with a 30-hour battery, which is an incredible addition. The attractive, balance, and punchy sound, along with the noise-canceling feature, works incredibly.

The best part about these AKG headphones is that they are easy to carry, compact, and super convenient. The excellent features make it worth investing your money. The design is also amazing. These on your headphones have a superior fit that makes it even more comfortable and a favorite of the users. The ear cups are padded to enhance comfort.

If you want the battery of these headphones to last longer, you can turn off the noise-canceling feature. With the noise-canceling feature, the headphones will last up to 15 hours; however, when you turn off this feature, it can last up to 30 hours. The impressive and dynamics sound and fantastic design make these headphones on the go headphones for the users that they can take while traveling. Also, you have the liberty to use it with the wire.

However, if you compare them with the Sony headphones, they are affordable but not as comfortable as the Sony headphones. But these headphones still complete the job and provides a tough beat and worth the money.


  • The fantastic design and affordable price is worth mentioning
  • High quality attractive and balanced sound
  • The design and the padding is excellent


  • Not as comfortable as Sony headphones

4- AKG Y50BT headphones

The next one from the same company is another headphone that you should look out for. Decent, and impressive sound quality is the winner here. However, it does not come with noise-canceling features, which can be a drawback for this headphone. Yet, it has Bluetooth availability, and the charging port uses the micro USB. It also comes with built-in controls and a mic. The battery life is 20 hours, which may be comparatively less than any other headphones, but the sound quality mainly covers it up. These AKG headphones are super easy to use and are comfortable because of the padding provided on the ear cups.

These headphones may not be a new release, but the quality is still up to the mark and even in competition with the latest versions. Also, the price is super affordable, and the headphone’s quality makes it a tough choice between the high end and Bluetooth headphones and these good quality affordable headphones. The sound is incredible and also remarkably clear.

You will find that the right ear cup has a button that you can use to control the volume and for turning on or off also pairing of the headphones. These headphones are simple to use and do not have any extra hassle that you need to look out for. The battery life of these AKG headphones may not be as good as high-end headphones, but the price range still makes up for it. These headphones are comfortable to wear, and you can wear them for hours while you are playing. It also can fold, which makes it even easier to carry around. These are the on-ear comfortable headphones with excellent quality and fantastic Bluetooth connectivity.


  • High quality and impressive sound along with the balanced vocals
  • Easy and straightforward to use without any hassle
  • Comfortable on-ear headphones


  • The battery life may not be as good as many other high-end headphones.

5- Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones

We also have another premium quality noise-canceling headphone with incredible functionality and fantastic sound quality. The next one on the list is the Sennheiser momentum of 2.0 on-ear headphones. These are on-ear headphones with excellent sound quality. Also, the noise-canceling quality is the expertise of the Sennheiser headphones. And the fantastic features speak for themselves. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a noise-canceling feature. The battery life is 22 hours and also comes with inline control and mic control. The incredible noise cancellation and the clear sound is the strength of these headphones. The rich bass is also A Remarkable feature that is a must to mention.

It is a mid-range headphone with high quality and fantastic design. These are the desirable headphones with super thick ear cups and excellent padding. These Sennheiser headphones are super easy to use, and padding makes them even more comfortable. You can wear it for hours, and the added portability is the cherry on top. These headphones are collapsible and can be folded easily. So, you can take them with you while you are commuting or going out anywhere. The excellent result of noise canceling is a must mention as well.

You can use these headphones for 22 hours straight with the noise cancellation activated. When you have to use these headphones, but there is no battery, you can use the wire or the cable available with the headphones. These are all the features that you get with these headphones, and the price is the Steal deal.


  • High-quality sound with fantastic noise cancellation quality
  • Clear and easy-to-use functioning along with the super Amazing padding in the ear cups
  • Affordable on-ear headphones


  • The battery life could have been better.

6- Philips PH 805 Headphones

When you need premium Bluetooth headphones, but you do not want to pay the price for the premium headphones, you should get the Philips pH 805 headphones. These headphones are the perfect picks for you if you need a steel deal and incredible quality. It comes with enabled Bluetooth and the noise-canceling feature. Also, you will enjoy the headphones for up to 30 hours that too, within a price so affordable. You can charge these headphones using the micro USB port, and there are also the controls and built-in mic available. The decent battery life is combined with high-quality sound and incredible design.

 The Philips headphones have everything in them that you can find in the high end and premium headphones. The design of these premium headphones is worth mentioning. The competitive battery life, along with the high-quality sound, is absolute when for these headphones.

The sound quality and the frequency are super smooth, and the emphasis was on the quality, which was fulfilled by the Philips headphones. These headphones are the perfect ones for you if you want noise-canceling headphones along with a competitive battery and smooth sound. However, if you want high-quality noise cancellation, these headphones may not be the best option as these headphones provide you with mild noise cancellation. The Sennheiser headphones are perfect options if you are a significant need to get the headphones with high-quality noise cancellation. But when you need fantastic sound quality at a premium price and incredible compared with the competitive battery life, the Philips headphones have to be your choice.


  • Easy to control and easy to use headphones with decent and competitive battery life
  • Amazing locks and sturdy construction that is made to last long
  • Affordable price combined with incredible comfort and high-quality sound


  • Provides mild noise cancellation

7- Lindy BNX 60 Bluetooth headphones

If you are searching for mid-range Bluetooth headphones, we have found you the one. Lindy BNX – 60 headphones are the on-ear headphones with splendid sound quality. These headphones come with Bluetooth connectivity and a noise-canceling feature. The sound quality may not be the best in these headphones, with the price is impressive. You can use these headphones for up to 15 hours, and then you can charge them using the micro USB. The Lindy BNX headphones also have a built-in mic, which is a super incredible addition. These headphones are great value and solid sound, providing noise-canceling and Bluetooth headphones worth investing in the money. This is a complete package that you would want to have in your headphones. The functionality is super simple and easy to use.

These on-ear headphones have volume control and an on and off switch on the ear cup. There is an indicator light that helps you to know if the noise cancellation is happening or not. These noise-canceling headphones are of exceptional quality and have an excellent output if you compare them to the wired headphones. You would not find the sound quality cheap or not good.

If you are worried about the comfort and control of the headphones on these headphones because of the low price, you do not have to worry. The battery life may be trouble, but the sound quality is exemplary. These headphones have an incredible quality and long-lasting battery, and you can easily listen to music without any Hustle.


  • High-quality sound at a low price
  • High noise-canceling and Bluetooth headphones with a solid sound and fantastic design
  • The headphones are built to last and made of sturdy material.


  • The battery life is not up to the mark

8- Bose noise-canceling headphones 700

Most people have the priority of choosing design over quality. These Bose headphones are the ones if you need an unusual and attractive design. These headphones may not be the perfect once, but the design is super impressive, and the noise cancellation feature is excellent as well. These Bluetooth headphones are the best Bluetooth headphones for the design. These Bose headphones have mic and control options. Also, the battery life of these headphones is 20 hours. You can charge these headphones using that’s USB C type, but there is still one problem. These headphones and an expensive pair of on-ear headphones that are not providing fantastic quality but the incredible design.

The noise cancellation of these headphones is top-class, along with a comfortable and stylish design. The sound quality is also excellent. These are the headphones that people love because of the design and fantastic comfort. The innovative headphones, along with the noise cancellation system, make these headphones a sophisticated and a decent choice. You can also increase or decrease the sound using the controls on the right ear cup.

The headphones provide you with the 11 different increments for the noise cancellation. The higher you go, the more the intensity of the noise cancellation with increased. However, the battery life is quite not the best one. The sleek design and fantastic comfort because the padding on the earcup makes these headphones amazing.


  • Sleek and excellent design with study construction
  • Clear sound along with top quality noise cancellation
  • Smooth Bluetooth connectivity and fantastic comfort


  • Expensive and battery life is not the best

9- Grado GW 100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The next one on the list is an excellent choice for Bluetooth headphones as well. These are the portable headphones that you can use while you are out and about traveling or working out. These headphones do not come with any wire, which makes it wireless Bluetooth headphones, which lets you listen to the songs without needing any cable. It has various features like Bluetooth but does not come with the noise cancellation feature. The open-back design is a new aspect to check, as well. However, the battery life is only 15 hours, which is counted as a miserable battery life.

These headphones are super portable and have a fantastic Sound ability, which provides incredible sound and impressive beats. These mid-range headphones provide bright and clean sound. Compared to the closed-back headphones, these headphones are a lot better, clean, and fast. The volume and power control, along with the Bluetooth connectivity is excellent as well. Some people will like it for superior sound quality, while others may not like it because it does not have the noise cancellation feature.


  • Robust and compact build which makes it portable and easy to carry
  • Excellent sound quality with the operation that is foolproof


  • The battery life is not the best and does not have the noise cancellation feature

10- Anker soundcore life Q20 headphones

People usually not want to invest a lot of money on Bluetooth headphones. This is because of the uncertainty of the sound quality. But if you’re going to have cheap Bluetooth headphones and you should choose Anker soundcore headphones that do not cost you a lot of money. We can watch you for the high-quality sound and for the noise cancellation feature, which is exceptional. These headphones are an exception to the noise cancellation feature, and the sound quality is still good. However, you cannot compare the sound quality with the premium model, such as Sony WH 1000x M3. But for the price, the sound is still excellent, balance, and decent. The battery life of these headphones is up to 40 hours, and these headphones also come with a carrying pouch which makes it portable and easy to carry. These are excellent quality headphones with remarkable battery life. The headphones are also comfortable to wear with the superb padding available.

These are over the ear headphones with fantastic design and super incredible padding composed of memory foam. These headphones are fabulous for the office, traveling, and even home. People love it for the affordable price and exceptional sound quality. The noise-canceling feature also makes a significant impact on the headphones. You can also find out the mic and other controls on the right ear cup. These sound controls are super easy to use, and Bluetooth’s connectivity is also up to the mark.


  • Excellent sound quality and bass frequency for the price
  • Exceptional noise cancellation feature with the foldable price and long-lasting design
  • The reasonable volume that is easy to adjust


  • It does not have a mic and cannot be used as the headset for the phone.
  • The material of the ear cup can be warm, and you can sweat if you are wearing it for a long time.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Conclusion

The above list of 10 headphones has some of the best Bluetooth headphones that you should get. If you are looking for our opinion, we would recommend you to get the Sony WH 1000 xm3. This headphone is an all-rounder headphone that works best for every feature you have been looking for. The sound quality of Sony headphones is exceptional, and the noise cancellation property also works remarkably. You will love the fantastic design and the long-lasting feature of this headphone. The padding is amazing and makes it easier for you to wear it for a longer time. Also, you do not have to worry about wearing it for a long time because of these.

Sony headphones are water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about sweating. If you are looking for a price-friendly option, you should look for the other mid-range and affordable headphones on the list.

However, you should always make sure to find out the headphones that have great battery life and fantastic sound quality. Also, check if the Bluetooth connectivity is good for the headphones that you choose. I hope this guide will help you choose the Best Bluetooth headphones in the market.

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